Household names in the modelling industry have recently been upset by the lack of diversity in what can sometimes be the cruel world of the beauty and fashion industry.

Being strong enough to put yourself in this kind of competitive setting where you know you’re going to be judged can be mentally tough, constantly asking yourself who you are, why you’re doing this and what you want to get out of it.

Going in mentally strong, will enable you to come out a completely different person, this is where Pam Boon has come to the fold to change people’s lives for the better and give them the much needed self-confidence they require.

As a result, Beauty Pageant Business Owner, Ms Boon, is on a mission to help make the industry more diverse with her forward thinking approach of race and religion.

Ms Boon has extensive experience within the industry, being an Indian ex-beauty Queen she is the perfect person to know the workings of how to be successful as a Pageant.

“I’ve kept my fingers in all pies, whether that be in fashion, beauty or music, as I DJ as well, but pageants has always been my niche, which means you get to see the flaws and where there needs to be more attention.” She said.

Ms Boon has recently teamed up with Deborah Lee from a local hairdresser owner, who also tutors students. With 60 women having entered the recent Pageant competition across the country.

“There are so many different shades to black and brown, but many a time during pageant or model events, women are being asked if they have their own make-up for instance.”

“The same goes with hair. Stylists will say ‘I’ve never worked with hair this coarse or fine.’”

“It was always helpful to me if I had my own makeup or could do my own hair.” She added.

“The pageant gives an opportunity to other ladies like myself who have a great history and culture to show themselves off, and share their wisdom and knowledge with everyone else.”

Ms Boon is now calling for more women from Colchester, Tendring and Ipswich to get involved.

For further information about our Pageants, Courses, advertising, sponsorships and Models hiring, you can get in touch with Pam Boon directly on 01206 509016. Alternatively, you can phone or text her mobile on 07739726099.