Terms and Conditions

1. The model will indemnify the agency from and against all or any actions, proceedings, claims, costs or damages which the agency directly or indirectly incurs or may feel it will incur or suffer deriving from any breach of contract by the model. The clause is irrevocable and unconditional.

2. The model will be well presented and their conduct totally professional. Their portfolio must be kept clean and the standard expected therefore promoting themselves as competent.

3. The model will not give out their own personal contact numbers to any persons, firms or organisations directly or indirectly involved with the agency.

4. The model will not at any time take cash in payment for any professional activities derived from the agencies work that will directly or indirectly contravene the laws relating to H.M.Customs and Excise or H.M.Inspector of Taxes.

5. The model will notify PA Model Agency if their details are lodged with other agencies for purpose of promotion securing assignments or professional modelling activities, to prevent clash of castings.

6. The model will not instruct by any means, clients of the agency to pay, reimburse or in any way compensate the model for professional activities undertaken, through directly or indirectly, while with or subsequently thereafter.

7. The model having taken a contract of duties, engagements, castings, work or appointments before signing the contract, for whatever the reason, is contractually bound by these terms and conditions in verbal agreement as PA Model Agency cannot receive payment for such work undertaken by models not under contract with the agency.( full explanation if requested)

8. The model accepts that they alone are responsible for providing full insurance cover for accidents or damages that they may incur in their professional activities. The model also accepts that the agency is in no way liable for any costs, damages etc, incurred in the travelling to or from an assignment.

9. Negotiations concerning withdrawal from the agency will be considered when reasonable written notice is given.

10. PA Model Agency has to produce model cards, head-sheets and model books, website featuring its models, for its clients. If the model requests inclusion on said literature, no cost will be entered into without prior consultation and agreement as to final cost of any works commissioned on the models behalf.

11. Castings come in at very short notice, do please have your model bag prepared and makeup as you travel when possible, failure to turn up at a casting will go against you for further castings.

12. If you are new to the business, please be prepared to take part in charity catwalk events hair and beauty models, where payment is zero but the experience is valuable along with photo shoots to build up your portfolio. We do not promote models seeking quick fix portfolios offered by photographers at a high cost, time for prints is the way to go.

13. 25% is taken from model fees and can be up to 35% if models are not represented on the website, as it means bookers have to seek models from register to forward to clients, hence more work, seeking, scanning and emailing.

14. The model is expected to provide suitable initial photographs, when these are not available to the standard required, the agency will undertake to provide such photographs for a nominal charge. These photographs/image files remain the copyright/property of the agency and the photographer. Once an image has been established, the model should notify the agency if there are to be any major changes.